NanoSolveIT kick-off

Great spot to kick-off our NanoSolveIT H2020 Nanoinformatics project.

In the upcoming 48 month, we will introduce a in silico Integrated Approach to Testing and Assessment (IATA) of the environmental health and safety of Nanomaterials (NM) that will be implemented through a decision support system packaged as both a stand-alone open software and via a Cloud platform. NanoSolveIT will develop and deliver: (i) a reliable user friendly knowledge-based infrastructure for data hosting, sharing and exploitation, (ii) NM fingerprints, i.e., sets of nanodescriptors and properties that can be predictively linked to NM functionality, exposure and hazard thereby supporting NM grouping, safe-by-design (SbD) and regulatory risk assessment (RA), (iii) innovative methodologies for NMs predictive (eco)toxicology underpinned by artificial intelligence (AI) and state-of-the-art in silico techniques, and, (iv) integration with currently developing multi-scale modelling, RA and governance frameworks. NanoSolveIT will develop and deliver a validated, sustainable, multi-scale nanoinformatics IATA, tested and demonstrated at TLR6 to serve the needs of diverse stakeholders at each stage of the NMs value chain, for the assessment of adverse effects of NM on human health and the environment.

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