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MARVEL Mini-Series

We just kicked off the Marvel Mini-series on DFT, wavefunction methods, machine learning, and metals. I showed how quantum Monte-Carlo methods as well as modern density functional approximations both have their place in the design of molecular materials. Along the

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Psi-k Highlight of the Week

Our article “Simplified DFT methods for consistent structures and energies of large systems” has appeared as Psi-k Scientific Highlight of the month. While many-body electronic structure methods become affordable for single-point energies, we see DFT as an irreplaceable tool for

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Faraday Discussion: Crystal structure prediction

Faraday Discussions on Methods and applications of crystal structure prediction took place in Cambridge, UK in July 2018. I presented our work on “Crystal structure prediction of flexible pharmaceutical-like molecules” [Faraday Discuss. 211, 275-296, 2018] and participated actively in the

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Simplified Density Functional Approximations

Our review on Simplified DFT methods for consistent structures and energies of large systems has just been published: J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 2018, 30, 213001. Even though affordable many-body electronic structure methods emerge, we still see DFT as an irreplaceable

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ACS editors choice

Our article on “Thermochemistry of Racemic and Enantiopure Organic Crystals for Predicting Enantiomer Separation” has been chosen as ACS Editors’ Choice. We show how different crystal packings in racemic and enentiopure crystals lead to different thermodynamic stabilities. This can possibly

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TYC talk

I just introduced myself to the Thomas Young CenterĀ  with a talk on “Organic crystal modeling: A hierarchy of quantum chemical methods”. [pdf of talk]

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Prediction and Calculation of Crystal Structures

Crystal Structure Prediction, Density Functional Theory, Hartree-Fock, Dispersion Correction, Counterpoise Correction

Our article “Dispersion Corrected Hartree-Fock and Density Functional Theory for Organic Crystal Structure Prediction” in the Topics of Current Chemistry book “Prediction and Calculation of Crystal Structures” has been downloaded over 1,000 times. Previously, it has been mentioned by the

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